Why prostitution should be legal

Because I was actually pretty pleased to read this morning that the courts had thrown out this stupid case by an over entitled scumbag, and made him pay the lady's legal expenses....


"The man, identified in court papers only as Mr N, sued the sex worker, Ms M, for compensation and damages, claiming she breached a contractual agreement by ending their sex session one hour early...

After their last session, referred to in court documents as "the incident", Mr N visited the brothel multiple times to see her and, on two occasions, waited in his car outside in an attempt to talk to her.

He left two hand-written notes for her and sent multilpe emails to the brothel in March 2012, the judgment shows.

In May he contacted a private investigation agency to track down Ms M's real name and contact details before calling her and sending her text messages. She filed for a restraining order against Mr N.....

The claims were eventually dismissed. The judgment added that the respondent had no obligation to continue to supply sexual services, and that she had a right under the Prostitution Reform Act to refuse to do so. An earlier ruling in the High Court by Justice Peter Woodhouse struck out each claim and described Mr N's persistent legal proceedings as a "sinister use of the court's processes".

Mr N was ordered to pay all costs for Ms M and her solicitors."

Stock photo is a bit problematic, and I know it is a bit lame to celebrate things being how they should be, but I liked that the legal system upheld her rights, because I read this like the guy was a narcissistic bully with means who thought he could wait outside her place of work, chase her through the courts and generally be horrible twat. I think this sort of protection for all worker's rights should be the norm.


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