Mad, bad and dangerous to know

I don't know if anyone else does this, but sometimes instead of regular famous people I get things for dead famous people. I have always been fascinated by Lord Byron, especially when I read this and figured he knew how to party and extra especially when I learned that Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein after telling ghost stories with him and Percy.

A little while ago I went to a castle (my first ever one - excite!) and got extra excited cause it's famous for Byron having hung out there and graffiti-ing and whatever the kids did back then:


It was pretty much the best day ever. These are the things I've surmised about Byron since the visit:

a) he must have been really hot

b) he most likely looked a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch

c) he must have been really really hot

d) he probably would have left me for one of my brothers...

e) and I woulda been ok with it (because hot)

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